Water and Wastewater Management

A Brief Introduction
  • Wastewater originates from the water that contained waste products and the water used in washing, flushing or manufacturing process;
  • There are a lot of good reasons why keeping our water clean should be one of our priorities for example like to protect the public from diseases caused by human excreta, to save the environment from being polluted by human activities, to improve the quality of life by increasing the recreational value of water bodies ans for economic reasons (fishery and tourism industry);
  • As proper wastewater treatment is a challenge for many cities today, EcoSan help to solve the problem in an ecologically ands economically way;
  • EcoSan is different from the conventional systems as it utilises a sustainable, closed-loop system to treat human excreta as a resource rather than a waste.
Our Services
Eco-Ideal has provided a diverse range of water and wastewater management services over the years. Our specific services in the field of water and wastewater  management include:
  • Policy and Planning;
  • Technical Design, Technology and Solutions;
  • Studies, Research and Surveys;
  • Capacity Building and Training.
Our Strengths and Track Records
Our involvement includes various aspects of water and wastewater, ranging from strategic planning, capacity building and training, surveys, technical and feasibility studies, implementation and monitoring of concrete projects and programmes.

The selected references are as listed below:

Ecological Sanitation
  • Study to improve the wastewater management ecologically for Permai Rainforest resort in Kuching;
  • Participation in the 1st International Symposium on EcoSan in Nanning, China (2000);
  • Participation in the 2nd International Symposium on EcoSan in Luebeck, Germany (2003);
  • Training workshop on EcoSan in developing countries, Norway (2003);
  • Conceptional design of biogas system for pig manure in Samarahan, Sarawak;
  • Several presentation on EcoSan, contact to EcoSan pilot projects in Sarawak;
  • Active participation in “EcoSanRes” international discussion group on EcoSan (policy,¬† technical and social aspects).



Ecological Sanitation (EcoSan) in Kuching