Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)

A Brief Introduction
  • Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) is a flexible financing mechanism for climate-friendly environmental investment.;
  • A mechanism for developed countries to support sustainable development while meeting their greenhouse gas (GHG) emission target;
  • The project are financed and supported by the sales from Certified Emission Reduction (CERs);
  • Eligible projects’ examples:WASTE: e.g. Landfill gas recovery, biogas recovery from Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME) and animal waste treatment etc.
  • OTHERS: e.g energy efficiency, renewable fuel substitution etc.
Our Services
Going through the process of CDM project development and application requires highly specialised skills and experiences. We are dedicated to provide “One-Stop” services, from developing and guiding GHG emission reduction projects step by step from start to finish for both project developers and buyers of CERs. We also undertake research and studies as well as capacity building for both the governmental and private sectors in dealing with CDM issues. Our specific services include:
  • Step by Step CDM Application Assistance ;
  • Documentations and Approvals;
  • Post Registration Monitoring and Verification;
  • Revision and Deviation of Monitoring Plan;
  • Carbon Trading Advisory Services;
  • Financial and Technology Feasibility;
  • Capacity Building, Training and Research.
Our Strengths and Track Records

Our understanding of the key success factors in CDM is one of the most important strengths of our team. Our experiences and knowledge of th local business culture and expectation will ensure our advice and services fulfill the client’s needs.

Successful CDM documentation requires skills and detailed understanding of technical aspects of the project in question. Eco-Ideal’s forerunning position as one of the leading consultants in waste management and renewable energy in Malaysia complements our provision of CDM related professional services to our clients. In this respect, we have executed numerous important baseline studies on GHG emissions, potential in the waste sectors and so forth.

We have assisted the first POME biogas project in the world to achieve registration with the United Nations CDM Executive Board. Currently, we are in process of developing PINs and PDDs for various projects. We have also assisted in the successful approval of a new CDM approved methodology (AM0057) for utilising empty fruit bunches (EFB) in pulp and paper industries.

The selected references are as listed below:

CDM Project Management and Documentation
  • Project management for CDM projects in Shandong Province in China:
    - Yatai Zhonghui (Composite Project-Chicken Farm)
    - Shun Chang Biochemical Ltd Co (Biogas Project-Alcohol Plant)
    - WeiFang Qiaoxin Agriculture Development Ltd Co(Biogas Project-Pig Farm);
  • One-stop CDM services for production of biodiesel from inedible waste oil and fats – including feasibility assessment, PDD development, validation and registration;
  • One-stop services for Bukit Tagar Sanitary Landfill gas recovery and utilisation – including feasibility assessment, PDD development, validation and registration. The project was registered August 2009 with the UNFCCC;
  • Provided consultancy (feasibility, baseline study and PDD) towards the successful registration of the world’s 1st POME biogas project (POME biogas project at Kim Loong’s Palm Oil Mill at Kota Tinggi, Johor) with the United Nations CDM Executive Board in year 2006;
  • Involved in the approval of new CDM methodology (AM0057) for utilising EFB in pulp and paper industries in year 2007;
  • Support to PIN development for Hydropower Projects in Pahang and Terengganu.
Technology Supply and Installation
  • CDM feasibility study for a palm oil mill in Kluang, Johor, developed the PIN and PDD, and identi!ed buyers for the CERs to be generated. The project was registered with the UNFCCC in October 2010. Our scope of work also included a review of various technological solutions and suppliers for POME biogas recovery and EFB composting, which consisted of vetting through proposals and facilitating discussions with suppliers on customisations for the client;
  • Technology supplier identification and evaluation for biogas gas recovery from POME in Selangor;
  • Cost benefit assessment of organic waste technologies for hotels and university in Penang.
Carbon Trading and Evaluation
  • Emission Reduction Purchase Agreement (ERPA) advisory services for landfill gas recovery;
  • CER buyer identification and evaluation for landfill gas recovery in Selangor;
  • CER buyer identification and evaluation for biogas gas recovery from POME in Selangor;
  • ERPA advisory services for POME biogas project in Johor;
  • CER buyer identification and evaluation for livestock waste management CDM application in Sarawak.
Capacity Building, Studies and Research
  • Development of Malaysia CDM Registry portal for the Ministry of Natural Resource and Environment (2011);
  • Capacity building for CDM Secreteriat in Malaysia (2010);
  • Pre-feasibility on biogas production from palm oil waste (EFB & POME) in selected areas in Malaysia;
  • Pre-feasibility study for biogas applications using animal waste and POME, which involved collecting and analysing technical data and calculations on waste, potential gas, retention time, and so on;
  • Feasibility study, buyer identification and development of PDD for livestock waste management CDM application in Sarawak;
  • Study on Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Baseline Methodologies for Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME) Methane recovery project in Malaysia, DANIDA Renewable Energy / Energy Efficiency Project in 2005;
  • National study on CDM potential in the waste sectors in Malaysia;
  • CDM Capacity Building Programme under DANIDA Renewable Energy / Energy Efficiency Project in Malaysia;
  • Barrier analysis of biomass supply chain as renewable fuel in Malaysia for DANIDA/ Economic Planning Unit (EPU) Renewable Energy/ Energy Efficiency Project;
  • Pre-Feasibility Study on Wood Waste to Energy Power Plant in Bintulu, Sarawak;
  • Policy analysis in waste to energy projects (landfills, palm oil waste as well as biodiesel) for DANIDA/ EPU Renewable Energy/ Energy Efficiency Project.



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