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Eco-Ideal Systems

Eco-Ideal Systems is a subsidiary company of Eco-Ideal Consulting Sdn. Bhd. (Co. No. 622103-X).

We provide solutions on data and information management. Our core businesses include providing advice and solutions on database, GIS applications, website and multimedia development. We are the official distributor of GeoEnviron Environmental Information System as well as other IT related products. Our team is well qualified with a wide range of experience and knowledge suited to meet your needs. We are involved in various projects, studies and system developments with international, national and local clients.


ESRI South Asia

In Malaysia, ESRI South Asia Sdn Bhd is the official distributor in Malaysia for ESRI GIS software systems. They are conveniently located near Bandar Sunway in Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

In ESRI South Asia, they are committed to providing complete Geographic Information Systems (GIS) solutions and services. Their organization supports clients throughout the process of establishing GIS systems, from the initial user needs assessment, through software installation, user training, data acquisition and automation, application programming, and on-going consultation.


GIS Development

GIS Development is a monthly magazine on Geographic Information Sciences. The magazine comes in an Asia Pacific edition, a Middle East edition, a Malaysia edition and an Africa edition. The aim of the magazine is to promote & propagate the usage and benefits of Remote Sensing, Geographic Information System and Global Positioning System. The magazine covers the use of technologies in various application segments in the field of infrastructure, utility services, resource management and others. It updates the readers through its in-depth analysis of the activities pertaining in the field of GIS, GPS and Remote Sensing from all over the world.


ITT Visual Information Solutions Popular

ITT Visual Information Solutions provides integrated software solutions that help scientists, engineers, researchers and medical professionals turn complex data into useful information. Our 150,000 customers from over 80 countries use IDL, ENVI and IAS to analyze data and imagery and deploy imaging applications.




Magnasoft is a focused GIS software solutions company with innovative offerings having strategic partnerships with industry leaders in the global space. We offer services ranging from application development to enterprise integration and consulting to data conversion and capture.



Malaysia Geoportal

Malaysia land and geospartial information