Our Policy

As an active company in the environmental business, we endeavor to minimize our business impacts on the environment through developing an environmentally conscious business environment. Our policy is to practise what we preach to our clients, to ensure environmental concerns are taken into consideration in our daily business activities;

Environmental programmes within our office as listed below will be implemented and closely monitored:

  • Energy : To minimise usage, to carpool when possible;
  • 3-R : To reduce, reuse and recycle, as a daily practice;
  • Staff awareness : all staff¬† are encouraged to practice an environmentally friendly lifestyle not only in the office;

Active participation in community programmes to enlist participation of the public and other companies in greening their lifestyle and businesses.

Besides that, in order to ensure satisfaction of our clients, we have put in place a quality assurance system to ensure deliverables to our clients are quality-assured through our internal quality assurance (QA) and quality check (QC) system.



Soon Hun Yang
(Chief Executive Officer)



Quality Assurance Policy