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Circular Economy

Is Circular Economy a DREAM?

In 2020, the Department of Statistics Malaysia estimated Malaysia’s population to be 32.7 million. This population growth, coupled with rapid urbanisation and industrial development has contributed to more waste being generated, causing a heavy burden on Mother Earth. The increase in the expected amount of waste generation, especially municipal solid waste (MSW) has caused several major issues to the communities and our surrounding environment. This trend is not only a key concern for our nation but is a global issue that needs a sustainable solution.

Among the waste management practices adopted, e.g. recycling which has seen an improvement over the recent years, circular economy is also fast becoming a popular sustainable waste management model. It allows waste disposal to be reduced to a minimum, keeping the existing materials and products within the economy for as long as possible through sharing, leasing, reusing, repairing, refurbishing and recycling. This model presents a promising outlook in sustainable waste management, particularly in cities which are adopting a greener or low carbon concept in its governance.

Join us in the Low Carbon Cities Webinar Series first webinar titled “Is Circular Economy a Dream” to hear, our expert speakers share their insights and experiences on fostering a circular economy in cities and discuss whether the circular economy is merely a dream or an achievable reality.

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Soon Hun Yang

Soon has a Master of Science (Environmental Management and Policy) from Lund University Sweden and Environmental Engineering degree from Massey University New Zealand. He started his career in a governmental authority involved in managing environmental planning and regulations in the State of Sarawak in Borneo, Malaysia. After almost 4 years and after obtaining his master’s degree, he found Eco-Ideal Consulting Sdn. Bhd. in 2003 and led the company as the Chief Executive Officer for 18 years to date. During his 21 years working experiences, Soon has extensive involvement in solid waste management projects involving a wide range of stakeholders, i.e., multilateral organisations, governmental authorities (federal, State and local government especially in Malaysia), private businesses (international as well as local companies) as well as non-governmental organisations. He has vast experiences in policy and strategies, waste minimisation, recycling, recovery and safe disposal, landfill gas power generation projects throughout Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and Uzbekistan. Soon is an international recognised solid waste expert and he is certified with International Waste Manager (IWM) international status by the International Solid Waste Association (ISWA).

Yeoh Tze Ni

Tze Ni is an economist turned circular economy specialist. She holds a BSc Economics from London School of Economics and a Master in Public Policy (MPP) from Harvard Kennedy School. At Harvard, she co-founded the university’s first ever Circular Economy Symposium and her thesis focused on evaluating and proposing a roadmap to develop a viable recycled plastics market in Vietnam. She is currently a consultant at the World Bank Group and Danone; focusing on projects related to the circular economy, competitiveness, and plastic value chains. At the World Bank, her work spans circularity in plastics in West Africa and East Asia Pacific. At Danone, she is part of the Circular Economy team under the Plastics Cycle. She supports Indonesia brands with projects to achieve sustainability targets in packaging design and collection of end consumer waste. She has also published several articles on the topics of sustainability and circular economy on ASEAN Today, Chatam House, and Harvard-affiliated platforms.

Guest Speakers

Pranshu Singhal

Pranshu is the Founder of Karo Sambhav Pvt Ltd which started its operations in 2017. Karo Sambhav collaborates with enterprises and enables them to close their material loops by designing and implementing transformative Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) programmes for Waste from Electronics (E-Waste) and Plastics Waste. Prior to Karo Samhav, Pranshu was Director, Digital Learning Strategy in the Worldwide Education team for Microsoft for 3 years. He had worked with Nokia as Head, Sustainability for 11 years based in Finland, Singapore and India. Pranshu possesses a Master’s in Environmental Management and Policy from International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics, Sweden.

Download presentation slide here.

Ramon Skane

Ramon Skane is a Co-Founder of Geo-Fly Concrete and Cement and is enrolled in his final year of Environmental Engineering with honours at Murdoch University. He has worked on numerous projects ranging from hydrological soil assessments in Western Australia's Wheatbelt region, water balance models for the Pilbara and energy recovery modelling for Perth's water distribution networks in the Perth metro to solar-powered water purification operations in India.

One of his latest ongoing projects with other environmental engineers, involves the creation of a new concrete product - called Geo-Fly Concrete - that's made almost entirely from waste materials and aims to facilitate the newest green circular economy in Western Australia.

Sudy Yeo

Sudy has been an environment activist since year 2007. She was exposed to great problem about waste while working as a researcher with a German waste management consultancy company that collaborates with Malaysian Ministry of Local Housing on managing local municipal solid waste. Then, she gained her experience in managing food waste with a social enterprise that adopted circular economy model where she helped local companies especially chain restaurant and central kitchen on managing their food waste sustainably and feasibly. She is active in conducting workshops on environmental classes, waste reduction, composting and Ecobricks. Sudy is the co-organizer of Circular Economy Club Malaysia Petaling Jaya chapter, she also serves as Board of Directors in Circular Asia Association and promotes different view on waste on a Facebook group (Love Sam Pah).

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