Eco-Ideal is grateful to announce the approval of the extension of the development of MYEcoPlan Low Carbon Planning System under support of the United Kingdom Partnership for Accelerated Climate Transition (UKPact) programme.

MYEcoPlan is a web based tool to allow policy makers and urban planners to assess GHG emissions within their cities and also to simulate various low carbon planning scenario towards low carbon city development.

In 2021, the pilot system was developed and tested in selected areas within Iskandar Puteri City Council in Johor. From April 2022 to March 2023, the system will be further replicated in an additional three (3) local councils in Malaysia – namely, Langkawi (Kedah), Shah Alam (Selangor) and Pengerang (Johor). The system will also be expanded to cover the entire jurisdiction of Iskandar Puteri. It is expected that more low carbon initiatives will be incorporated into the MYEcoPlan system in the coming months.

12 April 2022

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