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Mangrove Restoration Project


Hong Leong Bank Mangrove Restoration Project launching ceremony was held at Kuala Selangor Nature Park on the (Friday) 11th February 2022. The restoration of mangroves is undertaken by Hong Leong Bank incorporation with Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) which aim to create a healthy mangrove ecosystem. The Government of Malaysia has given the authority to MNS to restore the degraded Mangrove Forest. A total of 15 ha of degraded land will be restored under this project.


This event is participated by all the Hong Leong Bank C suites and representatives from the relevant department which demonstrated Hong Leong Bank high-level commitment in mitigating climate change issue and promote local social inclusion. All participants are involved in mangrove trees planting on site guided by MNS planters.



This mangrove restoration will improve the biodiversity and be a natural disaster risk reduction asset from natural disasters such as sea waves, will also play a role as a carbon sink and promote sustainable rural development in the area. Hong Leong Bank also aim to promote a diverse, working family model where both men and women can actively participate in the project which is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) where everyone will be granted with equal opportunities regardless of their gender, race and cultural background.

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