The Landfill Working Group (LWG) under the International Solid Waste Association (ISWA) recognizes the need to address the impact of various management choices on landfill methane emissions. Currently, data to assess the impacts of various management choices in different regions with different conditions are not well documented.

Recently, a sub-group under the ISWA LWG has been established to develop a white paper on the above matter. Our CEO Engr. Soon Hun Yang has been selected as the Asian representative to join the sub-group in developing the white paper. He will contribute to the initiatives with his vast experiences in landfill gas management and will provide the Asian’s perspective to the work.

2 March 2021

Photo credit: Berjaya EnviroParks Sdn. Bhd., Bukit Tagar EnviroParks (BTEP) located in Hulu Selangor Malaysia

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