Our CEO Engr Soon Hun Yang recently attended a site visit to a modern waste to energy plant located within the Ningbo Eco-Industrial Park in China, where around 2500-3000 tons per day of waste are processed daily.

The Waste to Energy plant is developed by SUS Environment, one of the top 5 WTE companies in China.


The Ningbo Ecopark – Integrating WTE and food waste biogas

Apart from the WTE plant, there is also a food waste biogas plant adjacent, processing source sorted food waste from commercial and industrial sources.

The WTE plant, using a special 3 stages moving grate system, is processing on average 2,250 tons of municipal waste per day. The waste is converted into electricity through 2 units of 25 MW steam boilers.

The plant is also equipped with a seven-stage flue gas cleaning system, which is able to bring down the emissions way below even the EU emissions standards.

The bottom ash is processed into a construction material which is used as raw material for non structural construction such as kerbs etc.


Modern Crane and Scada Management System

Overall, the plant demonstrates how a modern waste to energy plant can be implemented in Asia, with high quality compliance and energy recovery from waste which would otherwise be landfilled.


10th May 2019

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