A site visit was organised by Eco-Ideal to a newly commissioned refused derived fuel (RDF) plant located in Cilacap, Central Java of Indonesia.

Our CEO Engr Soon Hun Yang attended the site visit, together with GM Ms. Chen Saw Ling. Also participating in the trip were CEO and Deputy CEO of Trienekens Sarawak, Deputy CEO and GM for Sustainability of CMS Cement Sarawak.

The RDF plant, employing a biological based drying process by utilising the heat from the natural decomposition of organic part of the municipal waste. The bio-drying employs a special membrane from Germany, which allows moisture to go out but not coming into the waste again.

The process, converts very wet mixed municipal waste to a drier RDF which can be consumed by cement kiln, replacing high carbon intensity coal as fuel. The cement kiln in this case is operated by Semen Indonesia (plant previously owned by Holcim).



Blowers Introducing Air to the Biodry (left) Biodrying Bays (right)


Processed RDF – ready fuel for cement kiln

23 April 2019

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