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Eco-Ideal Team Building


As Eco-Ideal Consulting continue to grow, we have more and more new staffs joining us on board. Therefore, to instil and improve the spirit of teamwork amongst team members, a one-day Team Building programme was held in Cherengin Hills, a hidden gem in the middle of Janda Baik’s luscious rainforest in the state of Pahang. This Team Building programme had gain great response as it was attended by every staffs in Eco-Ideal Consulting from both KL and Kuching office.

Zairul and Peter, who were responsible for the Team Building Programme started our day with an ice-breaking activity – Zombie Apocalypse. Three volunteers were chosen to be Zombie Gelek, Zombie Gout and Zombie Hopping that move around in the room to touch the non-zombies and turn them into their zombie type. The game created a chaos and ended with Zombie Gout having the most followers. We then learnt that through this ice-breaking game, we are all living in a “system” which influence each other either directly or indirectly. Thus, in Eco-Ideal, all of us must have a common vision and goal so that we can move forward together in the same direction.


In the afternoon, we had a great time trading and bargaining as a country with other countries in the “Eastern Trading Company” simulation game.  This game had quite a few distinct lessons to learn, depending on our thinking and mind-set to judge the importance between performance and relationship with people around us. We all gained new insights and perspectives from the “Eastern Trading Company” simulation.


After a satisfying dinner and warm up session of giving massages to each other, we started a reviewing session for each section in the company. This session was valuable and beneficial not only for the company but also all of the staffs as we all are clear about problems in each section and our role to work towards a motivated and harmonious working environment.

1 November 2016

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