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R.I.P. – Rivers in Peril

13 years and millions of ringgit later, the government’s ‘Love Our River’ campaign is a failure. More than half of the 400 rivers in Malaysia are badly polluted and getting worse. Malaysia’s dirtiest rivers are:

  • Sg. Juru, Penang
  • Sg. Pinang, Penang
  • Sg. Jejawi, Penang
  • Sg. Buloh, Selangor
  • Sg. Klang, Selangor
  • Sg. Tukang Batu, Johor
  • Sg. Segget, Johor
  • Sg. Kempas, Johor
  • Sg. Danga, Johor

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Source: New Straits Times.


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