Online Membership

ISWA has introduced a new “Online Membership”. The new membership is available at a special rate of Euro 50 and will provide the possibility to become a corresponding member of the ISWA working groups.Online Members will receive the ISWA Newsletter (10 per year), EU News (10 per year), International Waste News (6 per year), and ISWA Globe (4 per year). You will also receive Waste Management World (6 per year) in hard copy.

Furthermore online members will be able to access the National Member Waste Profile, the “Members only” area on the website, Abstracts from articles in Waste Management & Research, and the Members List in Waste Management World. You will also receive free online publications and for publications in print or on CD, you will receive a special discount of 25%. If you are interested in such a membership you can sign up using ISWA Online Shop.


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