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More about Mr. Soon Hun Yang

Waste Terminator: Eco-Ideal’s Executive Director, Mr. Soon Hun Yang, 28 years of age, wanted to study to become a vet when he was young. However, the shock he felt when he saw his professor inserting his hands into a cow’s anal made him change his interest to the environmental field. He now holds a Bachelor of Technology (Environmental Engineering) and a Master of Science (Environmental Management and Policy). With his background in the environmental field, he is utilizing his skills to contribute towards our environment. And thus, his journey begins….

  • He initially wanted to study veterinary
  • The skills he acquired was by visiting foreign countries; attending courses, seminars, participating in discussions, attending workshops etc.
  • Prior to establishing Eco-Ideal Consulting Sdn Bhd, he worked at the Natural Resources and Environmental Board (NREB), Kuching as an Environmental Control Officer for about 4 years

Soon Hun Yang and his father, Soon Choon Huei established “Eco-Ideal Consulting Sdn. Bhd.” in 2003. Mr. Soon Hun Yang said “to live in a better future, we must start from the basis. In order to save our environment from pollution and exhaustion, we must achieve the following goals; recycling, waste separation, waste process management, energy conserving, energy renewing and also to provide very strong, supportive ideas so that people would agree with our attempt.”

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