Ecological Sanitation (EcoSan) in Permai

What is Ecological Sanitation (ECOSAN)? 

  • Promotes separation of blackwater (urine and faeces) and greywater (wastewater from sinks, bathroom etc.) at source. Blackwater and greywater are treated separately.
  • Prevents polluting receiving water bodies and improves public health by handling human excreta in a safe way.
  • Treats human excreta as a resource rather than a waste product; e.g. recovery and recycling of nutrients, like phosphorous and nitrogen for agricultural purposes (fertilizer) or for biogas (energy) production in a biogas digester
  • Affordable technology with low capital and maintenance cost which can be combined with conventional sanitation systems
  • Minimizing water consumption

Brief Project Description

The Management of the Permai Rainforest Resort has started a new eco-policy to reduce the impact of their activities to the natural environment (Damai Beach area). We were assigned to advice on the wastewater management strategy.

The project includes firstly, a survey on the characterization of the wastewater and present sanitation system. Secondly, an assessment on the feasibility of Ecological Sanitation for the resort and the creation of an ecological sanitation system that integrates the use of a biogas plant for the treatment of the blackwater. Finally, we will provide the Management with a cost- benefit equation and the technical design of the waste water treatment system.

Our related services

We will tailor our consulting services to the special needs of our clients and to suit the local conditions. These services will include:

  • Study and Research on wastewater and suitable EcoSan solutions
  • Comprehensive planning and development of an EcoSan system
  • Technical Design of the wastewater treatment system
  • Qualified Education and Training about EcoSan

Project Client: Management of Permai Rainforest Resort, Damai Santubong

Project Location: Damai Santubong, Sarawak, Malaysia

Project Title: Technical and Financial Proposal for Wastewater Improvement at Permai Rainforest Resort

Project Period: November 2005 – On-going

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