Solid Waste Management Master Plan Study In Sabah

Scope of Work:

  • Review of State and National Solid Waste Management Strategies:

    - To evaluate and discuss all existing policies, plans and guidelines.

    - To review all existing research and development programmes by local and international institutions relevant to solid waste management

  • Policy Framework:

    - Propose an integrated/holistic approach for the Master Plan

    - Prepare a policy framework related to the overall management of solid waste in the state of Sabah

  • Different Solid Waste Management Technologies:

    - Compile various waste management technologies and their impacts to the surrounding environment

  • Revenue and Expenditure of Local Authorities (LAs):

    - Address and summarise the revenue and expenditures of Local Authorities in Sabah in managing municipal solid waste and to compare these numbers with that of other states

  • Cost Estimates for Solid Waste Management Solutions:

    - Provide cost estimates (capital and operating costs) for solid waste management solutions (sanitary landfill, transfer stations, etc.)

  • Cost Recovery Principles/Models:

    - Outline and describe the common cost recovery principles/models used in Malaysia and recommend the most appropriate model of cost recovery, taking into account the resources and constraints faced by the State Government (in-line with the National Solid Waste Management Strategy).

  • Project Period:

    - May 2006 – On-going

  • In Association With:

    Chemsain Konsultant Sdn Bhd (CKSB)