Environmental Information System(EIS)

A Brief Introduction
  • Good environmental management involves a multi-disciplinary knowledge and the, integration of a variety of data and information;
  • Large amount and the complexity of data generated need to be computerised and managed in a systematic way: a solution would be to establish an Environmental Information System (EIS);
  • EIS is a basic platform where necessary data and information are stored and managed;
  • Planners, managers and environmental officers can utilise EIS to support their planning and management functions effectively.
Our Services
Our specific services include:
Data Collection, Conversion and Reporting
  • Data collection and verification
  • Data conversion, processing and analysis
  • Standardisation and coding
  • Integrated Environmental Information System (EIS) design
  • Geographical Information System (GIS) mapping
  • Data reporting
Web Portal Development
  • Website development
  • On-line web applications
  • Integrated solutions with databases
Hardware and Software Solutions
  • Specialised environmental database (GeoEnviron)
  • IT hardware and software (applications, GIS etc.)
  • Servers and networking system
Global Positioning System (GPS) Product & Accessories – Sales and supporting
  • GARMIN GPS Trimble GPS
  • Magellan GPS AQUAPAC 100% waterproof case and other accessories
Capacity Building and Training
  • Data management
  • EIS, GPS, GIS related training
  • Specialised GeoEnviron related training
Our Strengths and Track Records

Our involvement includes implementation of an Integrated Environmental Information Management System (EIS) based on GeoEnviron; involving multiple institutions and agencies involved in environmental management; capturing and standardisation of data and information to establish a common data platform; development of database system for river basin management, waste management and so forth; GIS mapping and integration with an environmental database; and capacity building for government and private sectors in data management, especially in the management of environmental information through training, technical assistance, consulting and procurement.

The selected references are as listed below:



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