As an environmental consulting company, we offer a wide range of services such as Solid Waste Management (SWM), Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), Water and Wastewater Treatment, Environmental Information System (EIS), Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency; and Carbon Footprint. Having participated in various projects, our knowledge and experiences in these fields has allowed us to dedicate ourselves and serve our clients better from time to time. More information can be obtained by following the links of the five main services as provided below.

Other Services
  • Environmental Planning and Management;
  • Environmental Research and Project Management;
  • Environmental Technology and Solutions;
  • Environmental Training, Education and Facilitation;
  • Carbon Foot Print Charting and Management Plan;
  • Feasibility Studies and Environmental Economics;
  • Environmental Audit, Monitoring and Reporting;
  • Organise and Facilitate Environmental Study Tours.