GeoEnviron for Urban Environmental Management System

An integrated environmental management requires an integrated, dynamic and systematic IT based system that could be used as a powerful supporting tool for future planning and environmental management

The UEMS GeoEnviron Information System Development

Project Client:

Danish International Development Assistance (DANIDA) / State Government Sarawak, Malaysia

Project Location: Kuching, Sarawak

Project Title:

Implementation of GeoEnviron Information Management System for UEMS in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.

Project Period: October 2003 – Ongoing

In Association with:

Geokon EDB A/S, COWI International Consultants, Litoserve Sdn Bhd


The Sarawak Government has decided since 1999 to embark on managing its urban environment in a holistic manner through the implementation of an Urban Environmental Management System (UEMS).

UEMS involves typical systematic management steps including goal setting, measures, monitoring and reporting. The implementation of such a system will inevitably involve complex and comprehensive data management. For this reason, the project, supported by the Danish Environmental Cooperation Programme, initiated the development of an integrated environmental information system. The “GeoEnviron” database system was selected and a series of very important steps were required as pre-conditions before a successful information system involving many different institutions was established.

Brief Project Description

Eco-Ideal Consulting Sdn Bhd was appointed the lead consultant, acting as the key facilitator for the implementation of the whole data management improvement process. The implementation of a common, integrated information system across various institutions requires substantial amount of preparatory and development work. These includes standardization of coding, terms, data formats, procedures etc. Massive exercise involving computerization and validation of data quality, establishing a common, agreeable information structure, carrying out training and overall system maintenance are also part of what we do.

Latest Achievements

  • GeoEnviron installed in 7 different institutions;
  • Coding and terms standardized for some of the applications;
  • Integration of other supporting tools such as GIS and reporting tool (Infomaker) developed and enabled;
  • Massive data entry through import process, data shared among all the involved agencies;
  • With sharing of data, a process to reduce overlaps among agencies has been initiated;
  • New applications and uses growing, data availability to be extended to cover the whole Sarawak.

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