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Posted On August 30, 20050 Comments

Time and Location, Precisely

“Since the advent of the time, navigators and explorers have looked to the heavens for a system that would help them determine their positions on Earth. Today, the Global Positioning... Read More

Posted On July 30, 20050 Comments

More about Mr. Soon Hun Yang

Waste Terminator: Eco-Ideal’s Executive Director, Mr. Soon Hun Yang, 28 years of age, wanted to study to become a vet when he was young. However, the shock he felt when... Read More

Posted On July 10, 20050 Comments

An Overview of Polyester (PET)

PET can be called “polyester”. But in the industry field, they usually call this material as “Polythylene Terephthalate” because it was made from chemical elements like ethylene glycol and terephthalate... Read More

Posted On June 1, 20050 Comments

JICA is cooperating with Miri City Council

JICA is cooperating with Miri City Council since June 2005 and they are carrying a sustainable 3R project in Miri, Sarawak. The objectives of the projects is to provide sustainable... Read More

Posted On March 9, 20050 Comments

Eco-Ideal New Associates!

We’ve contracted 3 new associate consultants to handle our recent projects and their enthusiasms, capabilities and potentials will bring us to the next level of management! image Ms. Chang Siaw... Read More

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