Extended producer responsibility (EPR) is a progressive approach to extend the responsibility of a product’s end-of-life waste management cost towards the products’ producer. Globally, EPR has been widely adopted by many developing countries since its first formal introduction in Sweden by Thomas Lindhqvist in 1990. With the implementation of EPR, many countries have achieved improvements in the recycling rate of products covered by EPR, leading to a reduction of wastes landfilled. Currently, there is no legislations specific to the implementation of EPR to any material or product group in Malaysia.

In this virtual roundtable, we bring together the “Father” of EPR’s concept and a few representatives from relevant organisations to stimulate a dialogue to discuss the potential implementation of EPR in Malaysia. This virtual roundtable will introduce the basic concept of EPR before discussing its contribution to circular economy and the potential challenges and impacts toward the existing waste management processes in Malaysia.


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