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Our CEO, Eng. Soon HY


Recently, the achievement of our CEO as the first Sarawakian to be a certified international waste manager has been covered by The Borneo Post, which can be found here.

Our CEO, Eng. Soon HY’s involvement in the waste management field started in early 2000’s and has been involving in many different kinds of projects related to the environment, waste management, recycle and green issues internationally and locally.

Looking forward to the future, Eng. Soon HY brings up a new concept of the integrated waste management which can be applied practically in any residential area. The concept, ECO-IDEAL CENTRE, would consist of few waste management key aspects: a food-waste-to-energy centre, a green kiosk, an educational centre, a 3R drop-off zone and an organics hydroponic farm.


ECO-IDEAL CENTRE: State of art of waste management

Eng. Soon HY is hoping that the concept can be brought up to the local council in every state and call upon everyone to participate and support the concept. He believes that it is the best concept to be practiced nowadays and also a practical way of practice in our vastly-developing country, Malaysia.

21 July 2017

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