Public separating recyclable waste during normal garbage collection

Imagine that you have only around 5 minutes to bring out your own waste to the garbage collection team waiting outside the road at a specific time of the day? If you missed the time slot, you will either have to chase after the truck or keep it for tomorrow.

This is how waste is collected in Taipei, Taiwan. Our CEO visited Taipei recently on a work visit and took a snap of the interesting mechanisms introduced in Taipei. Public will need to pay for the special blue garbage bags, which was designed to ensure the households separate their waste. The garbage collection fleet comes together with a compactor truck for non-recyclable waste and another recycling truck which provides the public to sort their waste into food waste as well as other  recyclables.


Waste collection compactor truck paired with a recycling truck in Taipei


Smart recycling collection machine with cash rebates

The city is also introducing various efforts to provide convenience to the public, including specialised vending machines which are linked to the cash card “U-Card” used by almost everyone in Taipei.

With the various source sorting systems as well as the pay as you throw approach, the average waste disposed per person is as low as 0.3-0.4 kg/person, as compared to 0.8-1.0 kg/person in Malaysia. The recycling rates in Taipei has reached 50% already in year 2014, which is among the highest around the world.


5 May 2017

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