Eco-Ideal started carbon mapping and energy monitoring in 2011. This is part of our environmental policy and the management is serious to demonstrate our sustainability practices with real actions.

As cooling in our office in KL is centralised, it leaves us not many options to start up a carbon and power reduction programme.

We started the first phase reduction initiatives in June 2011 and subsequently second phase with LED lightings in August 2013. The first phase included re-wiring of lighting control to minimise wastages and maximise natural lights. It also includes some energy saving practices within the offices.


 Monitoring of retrofit efficiency

With the above initiatives, we have reduced our carbon emissions from electricity (purchased from TNB) by almost 50% and about 42% of power bills in 2 years! Note this is excluding air-conditioning but it is still remarkable!

So we can do it, so can you! If you would like help, contact us.


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