Empty Fruit Bunches (EFB) is a by-product (biomass waste) of palm oil mill processing. Currently the common practice is to dump or mulch it in the oil palm plantation.

QL Tawau Palm Pellet Sdn. Bhd. (QL) (a subsidiary of QL Resources Berhad) believes in creating and adding value to palm industry by-products through technological research and innovation. In line with the win-win principles of QL Group, the company applied the concept of Creating Shared Value (CSV) in its palm pellet business by converting palm EFB into higher-value products such as biofuel.

The project leads to reduction in Greenhouse Gases and had been submitted to the United Nations Framework for Climate Change Convention (UNFCCC) for registration.

We wish to congratulate QL for their successful registration of this climate friendly investment as a Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) project on 24 December 2012 (confirmed 3 May 2013).

Eco-ideal is proud to be part of the consulting team towards this successful registration.


9 May 2013

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