Do you wish to follow the footsteps of other environmentalists to do a part in protecting the environment but do not know how or where to start? Do not worry; we suggest that you can start by caring for a plant!

This cute little plant is named Tillandsia or Air Plant and is found mainly in Latin America tropical rainforests. They do not need soil to grow and it is very easy to be taken care of – just provide it with filtered sunlight, water, proper air circulation plus a little of your tender loving care and in no time, the plant will grow healthily and blooms in its season.

As Christmas is just around the corner, forget about traditional giving of candies or chocolates this year and you can try delivering these special plants as gifts to your loved ones for a change and they will be filled with wonderful surprises!

There are also 2 other types of air plants available as pictured in the poster. Please let us know (Ms. Chen at 082-242 887, Kuching office and Ms. Koh at 03-2284 8102, KL office) if you are interested in the products.


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