According to Secretary General of Ministry of Energy, Water and Green Technology, Malaysia, the much awaited FiT will be implemented from 1st September 2011, upon the successful set up of a new authority, known as the Sustainable Energy Development Authority (SEDA).

Earlier in April 2011, the Renewable Energy Act and SEDA Act 2011 was passed by Parliament and the recent adjustment of TNB tariff is a positive outcome where the FiT will be implemented soon. This was confirmed by the Secretary General in the announcement on the Star[1] today.

Under the FiT scheme, renewable energy projects such as landfill gas, biogas, biomass, solar, mini hydro etc. will benefit from a significantly higher tariff as compared to the old Small Renewable Energy Programme (SREP) tariff.

Eco-Ideal is ready to provide necessary services to any projects ready to apply for the FiT. With our experiences with SREP as well as different renewable energy projects in Malaysia. We can also help projects to realise their Clean Development Mechanism as well as undertake feasibility studies or project management if required.


14 June 2011

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