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Eco-Ideal company retreat

Exploring the Nature

On the 25th and 26th July 2009, staffs of Eco-Ideal were rewarded with a nature-break outing. The venue for this year was Genting Highlands.  Despite of the synonymous activities in Genting Highlands which are mainly associated with the Theme Park, our trip was different as we spent our trip on a nature way.

As a whole, we have fully utilized the trip by exploring the nature. Initially, we started the trip off with a breath-taking guided jungle trekking.  The trekking was quite challenging as we had to go through difficult paths in the forest. However, we have learnt the importance of TEAMWORK from the jungle trekking. With the assistance of our jungle trekking guide who was merely a 16-year-old boy, we managed to complete the 2-hour jungle trekking successfully, not to mention that some of the team members have sacrificed their blood to the leeches.

Later in the evening, we had another guided nature tour but this time, we enjoyed ourselves by gazing at the beautiful stars (which appeared to be brighter and shinier there) and ‘peeping’ at the fireflies among the trees and bushes. Besides that, we had also learnt how to attract or ‘call’ the fireflies to appear from their hiding places and show us their light. From this, the activity had taught and stressed to us the importance of being in harmony with the nature.

Our new member, Ng Tung Yan said “The trekking was fun even though it was tiring, I enjoyed myself and got an opportunity to know more about the team member”. Overall, the staffs have enjoyed themselves from the trip as it had given them so insight on the nature and environment which should not be forgotten despite how busy we are with our daily lives.

Eco-Ideal, 13 August 2009

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