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State of The River

Reporting the Status of Rivers in Selangor
Rivers play a vital role in supporting the everyday life of Malaysians. Rivers are the major sources of drinking water, essential for commercial, industrial, agricultural activities.

The Selangor Water Management Board (LUAS) is a proactive agency that is dedicated towards improving the water resources and management in the State of Selangor. In year 2009, LUAS will continue its previous initiatives in publishing “State of the River” reports to document the status of a few major rivers – Sg. Selangor, Sg Langat and Sungai Klang. The report is not limited to assessing the water resources, quality, but also include all the threats (pollution sources etc.) towards the sustainability of the rivers. A series of indicators (including efforts indicators such as enforcement) will be used to present the status and development of the river.


The objectives of the said reports are to raise public awareness and knowledge in caring for our rivers as well as to report the latest rivers’ status, trends and initiatives carried out to increase the river quality by all stakeholders.

Eco-Ideal Consulting will assist LUAS to prepare and publish the “State of the River Report: Sg Selangor, Sg Langat and Sg Klang 2008”.

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