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Solid Waste Management

Survey on Waste Amount, Storage Capacity and Waste Density in Landed Residential Areas

Eco-Ideal provided its services to a survey on waste amount, storage capacity and waste density in landed residential areas. The technical survey is an activity under the Ministry of Housing and Local Government / DANIDA Solid Waste Management Component project. Eco-Ideal’s expertise on solid waste management processes was applied through the collection, analysis and documentation of relevant information concerning these practices in landed residential areas.

Preliminary research conducted prior to the commencement of ground work included the compilation of available data on waste amount, storage capacity and waste density as well as an experiment to determine the correlation between bin-filling and waste receptacle volume.

Ground work activities were carried out within three different areas located in Putrajaya, Petaling Jaya and Kuala Lumpur respectively. A total of 200 samples were collected in the aforementioned areas during five days in October and November 2008. Relevant data, including bin-filling percentage, weight and waste density, was subsequently extracted and analyzed.


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