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Staffs of Eco-Ideal Consulting Sdn Bhd underwent intensive one-day team building programme to reinforce work relations and improve interaction amongst the Eco-Ideal Team. The Team Building programme, held in A’Famosa Resort, Melaka on 2 August 2008, was preceded by a one-day free and easy tour of Bandar Melaka.

The Team Building programme, which was carried out by Accordia Training & Development, started with an ice-breaking activity. During the activity, staffs of Eco-Ideal Consulting Sdn Bhd were asked to determine their power level. They then proceeded to build and name a group, undertake the task of building a ‘private jet’ and exchanged ideas on how to improve internal relations.

Eco-Ideal Consulting Team also participated in their own version of ‘Amazing Race’, during which the participants were asked to solve human and mind puzzles, erect a 4-level pipe tower and find 35 specific items.

One of the participants, Luk Ing Ping, Head of Information System and GIS Unit, said the team building programme was a good opportunity to build up the staffs’ relationships, apart from interaction during working hours.

“It is also a good chance for me to observe other colleagues’ strength in order for me to know their ability in doing the assigned tasks. A regular change team member in the team building activities is suggested as we can interact with different colleagues.”

“I even learnt how to conduct an event,” said Luk.

Head of Office Administration and Finance, Mary Magdalen Lutok, said although Melaka is a hot place during a sunny day, she thoroughly enjoyed her time there.

“Eco-Ideal members chose to have a fun day. The team-building programme was a fun day. It was great!” she said.

Another participant, Tang Chii Chie, a trainee from University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus, said that one day in Bandar Melaka is just nice for as she got to visit most of the attractions.
“The team building activities were just fun. I enjoyed my time spend with other staffs. It helps with bonding. Team building gave us a different perspective of how to make the system in the company more effective”, she said.

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