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CDM Consultancy

Biogas Recovery To Energy Project in Palm Oil Mill in Johor Methane gas released from POME open lagoon Eco-Ideal Consulting has been engaged as the CDM consultant for a biogas... Read More

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Project Management Consultancy

Landfill Gas To Energy Project in Bukit Tagar Site visit to Bukit Tagar, Nov 08 Eco-Ideal Consulting has been engaged as the project management consultant for implementing the landfill gas... Read More

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ISWA/WMRAS World Congress 2008

East Meets Waste 3 – 6 November 2008 Co-Authors of Mr. Soon Hun Yang (left) and Mr. Luk Ing Ping (Right) Eco-Ideal participated in the recent ISWA/WMRAS World Congress 2008... Read More

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New Staff

Yau Woon Lee Environmental Engineer M.Environmental Engineering B.Sc.(Environmental) Ms. Yau Woon Lee is an Environmental Engineer with Eco-Ideal Consulting Sdn. Bhd. She holds a Master of Environmental Engineering from University... Read More

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Company Brochure

Eco-Ideal Consulting Brochure Eco-Ideal CDM Statement Eco-Ideal Systems... Read More

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GeoEnviron Technical Visits to Denmark (DK) and United Kingdom (UK) (28 Sep – 3 Oct 2008) Soon Hun Yang, the CEO, participated in a 5 days tour to Denmark and... Read More

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SWM Conference

The EU-Asia Solid Waste Management Conference 29-30 October 2008 at Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia Eco-Ideal Consulting Sdn Bhd will be highlighting these challenges in a paper presentation at the coming European... Read More

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MYWARES – Malaysia Waste Reporting System

Malaysian-Danish Partnership Facility Programme (PFP) Solid Waste Management Data Reporting & Quality Assurance System Eco-Ideal Consulting and Veksebo Environmental ApS from Denmark are working together in developing Malaysia Waste Reporting... Read More

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Staffs of Eco-Ideal Consulting Sdn Bhd underwent intensive one-day team building programme to reinforce work relations and improve interaction amongst the Eco-Ideal Team. The Team Building programme, held in A’Famosa... Read More

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Malaysia: A Green Country?

Environment Performance Index (EPI) is used as a comprehensive assessment method to gauge countries’ performances with score of 100 as the greenest country. According to the first ever completed index... Read More

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