Eco-Ideal Consulting Sdn Bhd  is now a member of the Waste Management Association of Malaysia (WMAM)

The Waste Management Association of Malaysia (WMAM) is an association for waste management professionals. Founded in March 2005, WMAM represents people from many disciplines, including engineering, law, science as well as management.

The WMAM works to promote and encourage the maintenance of high standards of waste management services in Malaysia in respect of solid and liquid waste, hazardaous, clinical and all other types of waste. It also encourages collaboration and cooperation between all those interested and concerned with waste management.

The WMAM is a non-profit, technical and educational organisation that provides a forum where all viewpoints of waste management matters can be discussed.

As a newly established association, it aims to establish and maintain contact with local as well as international waste management related organisations apart from organising meetings, technical visits, trainings, courses, workshops and seminars on issues of waste management including study trips to promote the transfer of practical information and ideas on waste management for the benefit and welfare of the members.

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